Picture by Nathan Barro: Lake Nagu Nagu, Queensland, Australia

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Travel Tip Time

When talking to people who are travelling overseas there is always one tip that I always share.  It works for me, I find it to be a really good idea.  Take a power board.  Especially if you are travelling somewhere that you need to use a travel adaptor for the power sockets.  If you take one (like the one below) with you you solve a couple of problems, one being that you only need to buy and take one travel adaptor and two, you can charge many of your devices at one time.  This is a must when travelling and needing to charge cameras, iPods etc.  It is also extremely handy when you are in a hotel room or cruise cabin with only one usable power point. 

Happy Travelling!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Carnarvon Gorge

For Easter this year we decided to go on a road trip to central Queensland to see some of our beautiful country.  We spent one of our days at Carnarvon Gorge and I wish we had of known how amazing it was going to be because we would have spent more time there.  

Carnarvon Gorge (link to website HERE) is 720km north west of Brisbane.  We got to the park at about mid morning.  We looked at the map and set off for the Moss Garden first.  It was an easy walk (the whole day was easy walking) and the scenery was simply breath taking.  Below are some of the photos we took during our walk to the Moss Garden.

When we got to the Moss Garden we were not disappointed, it was a small garden among the sandstone cliffs with a waterfall.  Of course everything was cool and damp and mossy.

We then headed to the next stop which was The Amphitheatre. Again more stunning views and scenery. We had to cross the water several times, walking across stepping stones.  Luckily the water level was low which made crossing easy and stress free.

To get to the Amphitheatre we had to climb these steps into that little space between the cliffs. I won't lie, I am not afraid of heights but I found the climb a little nerve wracking (coming down was worse than going up).

When we got to the top this is what we found. The name really describes it. High cliffs all around with a mossy garden in the middle of them.

The above photo is the view from the top of those stairs/ladder we had to climb.

By this point in the day it was mid afternoon so we decided it was best to start walking back to the entrance for a late picnic lunch.  There are plenty of picnic tables for visitors to use and enjoy as well as barbecues.  The facilities were clean and suitable.

During our visit we walked just shy of 12km and got to see two amazing landmarks.  There is so much more to see here though if I visited again I would love to have at least three days to see everything.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Let the journey begin

A new blog...all about travel, well about our family of four and our travels and adventures.  In fact I don't just want to share our travels here but tips and tricks that I find useful about travel too.  I look forward to sharing plenty of fun and interesting things and I hope you will come along for the ride and enjoy the journey with me.