Picture by Nathan Barro: Lake Nagu Nagu, Queensland, Australia

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Our Singapore Top 5

We have been lucky enough to visit Singapore twice and we have another trip planned in the new year.  We love Singapore and it was hard to think of only 5 things as my top ones to see but here it goes (in no particular order):

  • Singapore Zoo.  We are zoo people, wherever we go in the world we always visit the zoo.  Singapore has the best zoo we have ever been to.  It is top of our list for our next visit.  We always go early and have breakfast with the Orang-utans which is simply amazing in itself.  The kids love to hold the snakes too.  I love feeding the giraffes and seeing the elephants.  The best thing about this zoo is that you can't see any barriers between you and the animals, it feels like they are right there with no cages (well there are no cages just clever ditches etc).  The toilets are pretty amazing here too, LOL!



  • The Night Safari.  It's an extension of the zoo and open at night so that you can visit and see the nocturnal animals.  Lots of animals are active at night.  You can jump on the tram and it will take you around showing you all the animals and you can catch the bird show or you can follow the walking tracks around to explore on your own.  Well worth a visit.

  • Sentosa Island.  This place is a treasure trove of amazing things, one day here is really not enough.  We spent one day here.  We travelled over from the mainland on a cable car which was an amazing view.  When we got there we had the best time on the toboggan ride (we went on it about 10 times!).  We also visited the Underwater World there, we went to the beach and the kids got to go on the Flow Rider (which was really inexpensive compared to what you pay in Australia).  There is also Sentosa Resort World there now which they were only building when we visited and the day we were meant to go to Universal Studios it was stormy so we missed out.  These two are on our list for next trip.

  • Marina Bay Sands. This photo below shows you what this place looks like, taken from our hotel balcony.  We paid to go up to the top observation deck and the views were excellent.  It was also interesting to see the amazing pool area.

 (The Spa)

 (The pool)

 (We love a selfie, every where we go)

  • Raffles.  This hotel was right across the road from our hotel and it is beautiful.  Of course you can't visit Singapore without a visit to Raffles to have a famous Singapore Sling.  We visited one afternoon and had a Singapore Sling each and the kids had a mocktail.  Be prepared when you come here to have a hole in your pocket when you leave.  Our four drinks cost us $94 SGD. They were really good though!

All of these places are ones we will go to again on our next trip as well as some new ones.  In fact I think I will make a new list after we get back, although I might have to make it a top 10.

If you ever have the chance to visit Singapore, do it, it is a great place.


  1. Really enjoyed your Singapore Story. Made me want to get on a plane right now and go there. Who knows, maybe I will get there some day. It is on my Wish List...Hszel

    1. Make sure you go there next time you travel, it is definitely worth it, one of our most favourite places :)

  2. Great to follow you travelling! We are planning a frip to singapore- great tips!! Where there is good stay with kids and on the other hand where not ( region, hotel, apartment...) after singapore we are headingto norther australia... any tips? Darwin or cairns...have a nice weekend, kind regards from finland

  3. Great post, we went to Singapore pre-kiddies for our honeymoon over 10 yrs ago. Looks like loads has changed/


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