Picture by Nathan Barro: Lake Nagu Nagu, Queensland, Australia

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hong Kong - Victoria Peak and the Peak Tram Trip #2

Seeing as though the weather was so terrible on our first visit to Victoria Peak (although an experience we really enjoyed) we wanted to head up to the Peak on a fine clear day so we could enjoy all the views it had to offer.  

In my last post I talked about the queues at the Peak Tram, here is an example of the line, it is coming out of the entrance and around the bend and up the next street! 

We caught the Tram up to the Peak just like last time.
When we got on the tram
This is the view from the top when we got off the tram , this is the same photo as the last post although in the last post you couldn't see out because of the clouds.
When we got to the top we headed straight for the lookout which is called Sky Terrace 428 (because it is 428 metres above sea level).  It was worth the extra trip we really enjoyed our time up there and you get a free audio tour which was really interesting.  

The views

Listening to our audio tour
This is the view from the escalator inside the shopping centre so you can get an idea of how high it is.

And when we caught the tram back down I was lucky enough to be standing right in front of where they pull up so I got some photos of it coming over the hill and in.  I also think the driver is smiling at me in that last photo.

If you are going to Hong Kong a visit to the Peak is a must do.  You can read about our first visit to the Peak HERE.  You can also read all about The Peak at their website - link HERE.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

We're back! And our first visit to Victoria Peak and The Peak Tram, Hong Kong

Wow, what a holiday we've had we visited 5 countries in 4 weeks and saw some interesting and amazing things.

Our first stop was 8 nights in Hong Kong.  We stayed in Kowloon at The Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Nathan Road and were not disappointed with a good hotel and an excellent location.

Can you see it across that busy road?

Our first few days were really cold for us Queenslanders (about 10 degrees) and rainy but we didn't let that stop us seeing as much as we could.

We spent the first two days on the hop on hop off open air bus which gave us a really good grounding for what to do and see while we were there.  This ticket included a ticket for The Peak Tram to take us to the top of Victoria Peak so even though the weather was miserable up we went.  I have to say that the normal lines for the Peak Tram from what I saw were very very long and with our ticket we had a fast pass so got to jump the queue but if you are planning a visit get there early to try to avoid the lines.

The tram ride in itself is pretty amazing, as you travel up the mountain all the building are suddenly on their sides due to the steep incline of the tram.  These photos of the kids are actually them standing up straight to give you an idea of the angle.

When we got to the top on this visit we were in the clouds, you could not see a metre in front of you.  We went outside for a look and could not see a thing but the kids had fun standing in the clouds.  It was windy and wet and cold and reminded me a lot of the winter we spent in Scotland.  It was definitely an experience.

In front of the tram at the top

This was the cloud looking out from hopping off the tram

Here are a few photos of what it was like outside.

Seeing as though there wasn't a lot to do outside we entertained ourselves inside.  At the top of The Peak there is a shopping centre.  As you walk off the tram you walk through a souvenir shop with reasonably priced little bits and pieces that are ideal for gifts etc.  We looked through a few shops and then headed to Madame Tussaud's for a look.  This is always a big hit with the kids and did not disappoint this time.  Emma wanted her photo with every single wax figure there!  I did find it expensive but it always is.

We had never been to Bubba Gump's for dinner before so that was where we headed to eat.  We had a great meal there (although nothing very healthy seemed to be on the menu) and the serving sizes were huge. We had lots of left over food.  I especially liked the little signs on the table - if you need your waiter you put the sign on Stop Forrest Stop and if you don't need them you leave it on Run Forrest Run.

They are not my real shoes by the way
The view out of the window would be beautiful on a clear day

These are the signs to show the waiter you want assistance
Our table was in the Gump House lounge room which was cool
After dinner we headed back down on the tram (you travel backwards because of the steep decline) and to the hotel. For some reason they closed the inside waiting line/boarding area for the tram and we had to line up and wait outside in that crazy cloud! I'll be back to share the photos of our second visit to the Peak which was much clearer weather.