Picture by Nathan Barro: Lake Nagu Nagu, Queensland, Australia

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Travel Tip TIme - Preserving holiday memories

Do your kids love to collect shells when you go on a beach holiday?  Mine do and over the holidays they have found some really gorgeous ones to add to our collections.  The trouble is often the shells come home and end up broken or shoved anywhere or thrown away.  So we started collecting shells and making a memento of them.  

Photo source here.

We collect our shells (and sometimes sand or rocks) and while we are away I buy a nice jar or vase or holder of some kind.  When we get home we either label our jar like the one above or I write with a sharpie on the bottom where we were when we collected the shells and the date.  Then we have something nice to display that is unique and very memorable.  Many stories come to mind when you pick up a shell out of the jar or look at them through the glass.  We have five jars/vases like this around our home from various places and I love being surrounded by them and their memories.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box when it comes to holiday souvenirs if you want to avoid the cliche magnets and tea towels.