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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Travel Tip: Packing Shoes

When I travel I always put my shoes in the bottom of the case, I don't like them touching my clothes that much and I have tried a couple of what I thought would be solutions but didn't really work. 

First of all I sewed lovely fabric shoe bags for all my shoes.  I was planning on using them all the time UNTIL I realised how heavy they were.  So they never got used for travelling because I am a shopper and I need every gram of weight that I can get when coming home. I also couldn't see in the bags to see what shoes I was grabbing.

So then I turned to good old trusty plastic bags, they didn't really suit me either.  I have no idea why they just didn't last.  

So now I have found another solution.

(Photo from Pinterest)

Disposable shower caps.  I haven't used them yet, I have a packet ready to go next time I pack (which I picked up for $2 for 6).  I know this solution won't suit everyone, especially those with heels but I rarely pack or wear heels so that's no problem for me.  I like that your shoes just slip in and out of them easily, you can see what shoes you are grabbing and you can still stuff them with your socks etc.

If you have other shoe solutions let me know, I'd love to hear them.

Happy Travelling

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