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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hong Kong - Victoria Peak and the Peak Tram Trip #2

Seeing as though the weather was so terrible on our first visit to Victoria Peak (although an experience we really enjoyed) we wanted to head up to the Peak on a fine clear day so we could enjoy all the views it had to offer.  

In my last post I talked about the queues at the Peak Tram, here is an example of the line, it is coming out of the entrance and around the bend and up the next street! 

We caught the Tram up to the Peak just like last time.
When we got on the tram
This is the view from the top when we got off the tram , this is the same photo as the last post although in the last post you couldn't see out because of the clouds.
When we got to the top we headed straight for the lookout which is called Sky Terrace 428 (because it is 428 metres above sea level).  It was worth the extra trip we really enjoyed our time up there and you get a free audio tour which was really interesting.  

The views

Listening to our audio tour
This is the view from the escalator inside the shopping centre so you can get an idea of how high it is.

And when we caught the tram back down I was lucky enough to be standing right in front of where they pull up so I got some photos of it coming over the hill and in.  I also think the driver is smiling at me in that last photo.

If you are going to Hong Kong a visit to the Peak is a must do.  You can read about our first visit to the Peak HERE.  You can also read all about The Peak at their website - link HERE.

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