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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Singapore Zoo…photo share

This was our third visit to Singapore Zoo and it did not disappoint.  We headed to the zoo early so we could enjoy a buffet breakfast with the Orang utans which was awesome as always. I bought a 3 park pass for the Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari and then had my concierge at the hotel ring to book breakfast and I just paid on arrival because it was cheaper that way for us.  You can do a tour where you get breakfast and your zoo entry if that suits you better. 

I have blogged about the zoo before and you can read my posts here and here. so I thought today I would just do a photo share of our latest visit.

You can also find information about the zoo on their website, link here.

Emma and Nathan both enjoyed holding the snakes at breakfast.

And the high light of breakfast is when these gorgeous animals arrive and hang around for a while. 

The baby was just to die for, super super cute!

 The zoo has plenty of monkeys etc. 

A garden train?

The water park was a refreshing stop for the kids.

The Komodo dragon is Emma's favourite animal at the zoo, go figure.

You get to walk through this enclosure and get really up close and personal with the chameleons and other animals.

We were just walking along the path when I looked up to see this guy and his big branch hanging above me.

Rhino bottoms!

This meerkat could see something up there although we couldn't!

The kids both got to feed the giraffes, another high light (we paid a $5 fee for the food).

And a calming boat ride from one end of the zoo to the other was a welcome respite from walking (we paid a fee for this too).

Singapore has just an amazing zoo, a definite must do when in Singapore!

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